If you've ended up here, then hello!

This isn't an active website per se, it's just a holding page really, which now and then links to whatever mini-projects I'm working on. They might be some code tests, write ups from some tinkerings with the Raspberry Pi, it might just be some straight writing or some notes on studying Japanese.

The point being is that this is not a full, coherent, regularly updated website anymore. For that kind of content, better to go and have a look at, though that is more tilted towards motorcycling and outoor stuff these days.

Brightblack Current

I've written very few pages in the last few years on tech, or musings, which just didn't sit right on the above blog, so they are presented here. Emphasis on very few. Site related updates are summarised here.

All rights reserved and such.

Who knows though.

Dunno. Just keep testing.