date: 2024-02-18T16:22:05+09:00

Upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 11 has been out for over 2 years now (since October 2021) and I’ve not felt much impetus to move; there’s some nice features (tabbed file browsers etc.), but there’s potential downsides, and that’s before we get into the issue of telemetry.

However, all that aside, I have updated my Windows 10 box to Windows 11. Despite all of the above, why? Well I expect to update some family PCs and I want to guinea-pig it first, see what’s weird, see if anyting doesn’t work.

A few hours in, I had to get rid of the centralized task bar - it just feels distracting and cluttered to me, but fortunately now you can move it off to the left where it used to be.

(Also planning to go back to a Linux dual-boot later this year…)