date: “2022-11-03T18:00:00+09:00”

A Quick Hugo Update

I write this site on whatever machine I happen to on when I think of something, and then Syncthing keeps the other machines in, er…, sync. For the build portion though, I mainly build this in Hugo and upload from my old, and battered Thinkpad E440.

That box is running Linux Mint which has its own packaged Hugo, which is currently around version 0.65 (~February 2020). Certainly since I moved to Hugo, that’s been fine, but that version is quite old, so I thought I’d bring it up to date, which is roughly what my Windows desktop is running at v0.105 (October 2022).

I did that via the latest Github release, and so far so good, and yes, it is a little bit faster. I don’t think building between two versions would be inherently dangerous in any way with my configuration, but any risk is now removed.