Return to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

return to castle wolfenstein

Whilst sorting through some files on my archive server following a recent drive swap, I was cleaning out a few duplicate files and directories from the 2005-2010 era, when I stumbled upon a folder called ‘rtcw-saves’.

Yes, it was a folder of saved games from the 2001 game ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein’. This game is so old they even open sourced the code back in 2010.

I then had a look through my CD spindle (remember those?) where I keep old install discs (anyone need Mac System 8 disc?) and there it was, the original install CD from 20+ years ago.

Next I needed the key - no problem, deep in my home directory I knew I had a spreadsheet of all my software keys going back a long old way, and yes, one for RTCW. Software keys existed back in the day when you bought something, installed it, and owned it ;) .

I was in business; the game installed and ran fine, but there were some issues - firstly, it had no widescreen support, and secondly, online reports said it crashed a lot on Windows 10. I also knew I had v1, and there were several patches, and this is where the open sourcing gets useful - a team had produced a patch (1.42d) based off the final official patch (1.41) which fixed some compatibility issues and enabled wide screen modes as well as some other fixes.

After I put that in the game didn’t look half bad at 3440*1440, and played very nicely. I could also use those game saves, and it seems I was about 75% through the game, so I’ll see if I can finish it at the weekend. There are also a lot of graphic upgrades available, so perhaps I’ll give them a look in the future.

(One caveat: I have to play it as admin or it crashes on save - there’s likely just some file permissioning I need to sort out on that front.)