Hello Hugo.

Hello, and this time, if you’re reading this in November 2021 or thereabouts, you’re reading brightblack as generated by the Hugo static site generator. If you were reading for the near two years before this date, it was likely generated by Jekyll. Yes, I switched.

For the reader, I hope this change will be transparent, though my URL redirect for anyone with old links might be a bit sketchy, and so apologies for any 404s. I don’t like it myself, but it is what it is.

Let me quickly recap why this change.

Firstly, I tinker with backend tools far too much - instead of writing actual content. I’m aware of this, and it’s something I’m always trying to remind myself of. More practically, I’ve been having issues getting Jekyll setup quickly and easily on my different environments - it was a pain to get all the gems working for some reason on my Windows 10 machine, and when I moved this laptop from Ubuntu to Mandriva, it seemed to have a few issues also.

All in all, Jekyll was smooth, generated a nice site and has superb support, but for me with my limited time and awful focus, it was a bit fiddly. Enter Hugo, which may or may not be faster - I really can’t tell on a site of this size - and I know as much about its native Go development as I do about gems and Ruby, but it does ship as a single executable, and as I’ve recently started a new job, my time for pondering on web stuff generally has decreased - more important things on my plate is all. However, just like all good comets, I’ll keep coming back at times on weird ellipses to add content.

Thanks all.